May have gyno

  1. May have gyno

    I am off my 1st cycle of 1T and 4AD and a freind noticed that I may have gyno, will nolva help reduce it or does it just stop it from occuring and also does nolva come in tabs and where could i get them

  2. it might prevent it from getting worse but it's not going to reverse what you have if the tissue is hard.

  3. its not hard it just seems as if my chest is puffy or like a lot of water, i do not feel any stings or feeling in my nips

  4. you may very well have it
    get some nolva. either from the site recommended or, and by god hurry.

  5. Geez bros...don't scare him

    Gyno is hard, dense tissue and if it is just puffy then it will most likely subside. It is always a good idea to have ancillaries on hand (in this case 6-oxo would be sufficient).


  6. Why would you get 6-oxo over nolva? Nolve is far better. And better price on the nolva.

  7. he said sufficient not better...

  8. im wondering if I have a slight case, It doesnt really show up, but my nips are different then they used to be (this could also be because my chest is bigger than it was). I have done about 3 ph cycles in the past year this being my 4th. During the 1-ad/4-ad stack I had badly itchy nipples and ended up stopping it short. They dont hurt, but they seem flatter than they used to be? Not really puffy though, they used to be harder now they are soft, but maybe a little bigger (but then again my pecs grew).
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    I was wondering. I believe I have a light case of gyno and if theres anything I could take to reduce it or hide it at all? Or if cutting fat and tightening body would be the only way. Or is there any types of creams which could tighten, reduce, hide, any of these to the gyno? Any suggestions appreciated....
  10. Cool

    didnt mean for image to come like that, sorry guys.... Love that car though....


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