1,4 Ad ?

  1. 1,4 Ad ?

    Hey my buddy wanted to try this, found it on a new site. I've researched all the other designers, but realized I dont really know what this is? I heard it was banned but was wondering what its classified as? or what its benefits are? Maybe I'm asking the wrong questions. Any feedback would be great.

    And i tried some research on the forum but nothing was coming up.

  2. 1,4 AD is a pro-hormone that converts into Boldenone in the body. So basically, it is a steroid. The conversion isn't very high, so a lot of the logs here about it the guys are taking 1 gram or more per day. (there used to be a supplier that sold the powder by the gram but not anymore) So what you get in the bottle is pretty under-dosed in my opinion.

  3. I wouldn't bother with this stuff, for the price you'd pay to get enough of this to cycle, you could buy some epi, or super. Something that actually works well.

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