Newbie Needs Updates!

  1. Newbie Needs Updates!

    Hi guys and gals,

    As a newbie to the forum - first off, a big Hello from the UK.

    I'd like to summarise my current position and invite comments and criticisms from those who feel inclined to help. Here goes.

    I'm currently 37 and, 10 years ago, was into the scene. Never concentrating too much on sculpting my physique - but driven by lifting heavier weights. 5 years ago I experienced a serious back injury that eventually required surgery. I'm now in absolute terrible shape and have a body fat percentage I'm too embarrassed to share!

    5 years ago, on similar boards, I would have provided myself with the advice that I need to take 12 months to get back into some serious training before looking for magical quick fixes from gear ...... but I'm not known for my patience!

    I'm concerned that the scene has changed somewhat in the last 5 years and I may be out of touch with things. I'm tempted to call up old contacts and enjoy a course of clen ........ but wonder if HGH has now overtaken clen in the fat loss stakes?

    I'm sure my bloatedness now is caused in part by my previous experiences - 3 cycles with good results.

    So ...... sensible, treadmill work for a few months ...... or quick fix fat meltdown with gear?????? (I feel silly asking!)

  2. if u have just recently gotten back into the game, i suggest a good clean low carb diet with low intensity, long duration cardio

    HGH is to be used by bodybuilders who have almost stopped reponding to AAS and while it has fat-loss properties, still to be used by the pros

    what is ur cycle history?

  3. Thanks for the reply. I know that makes more sense ....... but the older you get, the more valuable time becomes!

    My cycle history is as follows:

    1: Deca/Stanazolol

    2: Deca/Test

    3: Deca/Test/DBol

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