Magnadrol Advice

  1. Magnadrol Advice

    Aiyooo , My good friend did a cycle of Magnadrol, he got lean, cut and rock solid.. I wanna know everything I can find out about this stuff before I ever consider taking this?

    Who makes it?
    Is it methylated?
    Stress on liver?
    Bodly Harm?
    What it is composed of?

    Please THROW THE BOOK at me, I want knowledge

  2. first, what is your information? Age, diet, workout exp, bf%, weight/height etc...

  3. 22 Years old... 5-6 egg whites in the morning with a protein shake, small proetin/cal snack 2 hours later, can of tuna with 2 pieces of 10 grain bread with proetien shake, snack inbetween, either steak/fish/chicken dinner, GYM, then a protein shake after gym

    My workout is bodybuilding workout.. DAY 1 CHEST/TRI'S
    DAY 3 Arm and LEGS..
    I constantly due abs, my abs are trained like a ****in russian roid head, great lookin 6 pack..

    Been Lifting serioiusly for 3-4 years now.. No clue on body fat, but def not fat at alll!!! 185 6,0"

    Bench 200 6x's, squat 300 3x's, shoulder dumbell press 65's 6x's

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