Methyl 1-Test and 4 OH T back to back?

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    Methyl 1-Test and 4 OH T back to back?

    I am interested in these two products and want to try them both. However I want to see how good each are so I want to do one at a time. So my question for you smart people is: does it make sense to do the back to back cycles (probably 4 on 6 off, 4 on) in a certain order? That is, any logics as to which I should go with first. My thinking is probably Methyl second as it should yield the leaner gains? That is unless I add some 4AD to the Methyl as some have suggested.

    Thanks. I have used 1AD, T1Pro, and some AST stuff a few years back. I have some 6-oxo and Nolva handy.

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    4OHT, because the gains will be much smaller on 4OHT. The methyl 1test will blow you away.

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