Help Do I Need Hcg!!!!

  1. Help Do I Need Hcg!!!!

    ok guys so 6 weeks into this cycle i end up breaking my hand (long story) obviously decided to end course as pointless taking if i cant train

    my question is as i have only been on for 6 weeks do i need to use hcg or will nolva/clomid cut it

    was doing 1ml sust/1ml tren ace 75 EOD last shot was on friday

    i know both compounds shut you down hard but was just wondering if hcg is necessary as the course is pretty short?

    i have hcg on hand but was thinking to keep it for next cycle

    other than that any ideas on how to hold on to as much size as poss cant train upper body for 6 weeks

    will maintain calorific intake and protein high of course


  2. Not necessary at all. Short cycles require less in the way of pct. Wait three weeks after your last sust shot and begin nolv/clomid.

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