Hydroxy-Testosterone(OH Test)

  1. Hydroxy-Testosterone(OH Test)

    Has anyone done any "solubility experiments" with this one? My big question is will it hold at 100 mg per ml using BA as a solvent?

    Iron Addict

  2. 100 mg/mL would be pushing it...

    Now, everything I'm about to post is hypothesizing since I have not had the pleasure of working with the powder.

    The 4-OH should decrease the lipophilicity by making the molecule more polar. I've heard reports from one bro with an esterfied (undec) modification of 4-OHT and the prep emulsifies into a hard lump of butter looking substance. If I'm not mistaken his experiment was at 200 mg/mL.

    Now, how do we approach this prep? Simple: the molecule is in essence a diol. Focus on solvent/co-solvent systems that take advatage of the strong hydrogen bonding characteristics of 4-OHT. My preference is PEG-400 but care must be taken to get the amount right...and the correct amount varies from compound to compound. The solvation potential is much like a classic bell curve. If you add too little you won't solvate enough. If you add too much you similiarly decrease the solvation potential. My guess is 2.5-5% PEG-400 (v/v) will work best but once again I don't have the powder in front of me to experiment myself.

    Good luck and keep us posted!


  3. That's kinda what I thought. Diols are a bitch to make hold. I just don't have the time nor patience to go through what I did a couple of years ago trying to get 4AD no ester into, oil, pg and well I won't even mention it-lol. If I want pain and frustration I'll go visit the ex.

    That said, what do you think about 50 mg per?

    Iron Addict

  4. I think there will be some esterfied 4-OHT floating around which will make the experimentation easier with higher concentrations...I think I'll save my time and work on the esters


  5. From personal experience, I get OH test to hold at approx 35mg/mL the rest will form an emultion. That is at 3% BA and 5% BB. It is a golden almost fina color when done. I have not tried adding PEG, just oil, BA and BB.

    Hope this helps bro.

    Thios was unestrified, so obviously the undeconate we are currently working with at legalgear may have better results.

  6. I tried it with some 4-OHT THP ether. I cant remember the exact amount but I gto it over 100mg/ml.

  7. Thanks for the info, yes, that helps.

    Iron Addict

  8. animal is selling premade OHT 100mg/ml and Methyl-1-Test

    although getting any information about anything there is quite hard... the board does not seem to be active at all.

  9. I wonder if getting OHT into solution is pretty close to getting 4ADne into solution.

    A member at animal's board got 4ad to 75mg/ml using a 10%BA, 23%BB mix. Perhaps I'll order some OHT powder and give it a shot myself.

  10. Originally posted by Jcc
    I wonder if getting OHT into solution is pretty close to getting 4ADne into solution.

    A member at animal's board got 4ad to 75mg/ml using a 10%BA, 23%BB mix. Perhaps I'll order some OHT powder and give it a shot myself.

    eeeeewwwwwwwwwww that is going to be painful

  11. Chemo knows that I tried to make some PHT Undecanoate this weekend and got butter at 200mg/ml...


  12. 200 mgs per would be nice, but I am quite happy with 75-100 mg per ml solutions. One would think with the undecanoate ester added that would have been a snap. Never can tell until you try. Did you try it at 100, or are you researching for a marketeble high mg concentration?

    Iron Addict

  13. I am researching it. Chemo told me add some PEG to it. I don't think it is a solubility issue. He thinks it is a hydrogen bonding issue which might be the case with the extra hydroxyl on the HydroxyTest. Why are you so interested in it? Just wondering. I am looking at it as a product...


  14. See Edog, I told you so, hehe It really is a btich to get into solution, but if you shoot me a PM i may have a solution for you. Bruce Kneller, gave me a tip awhile back that helped, let me jsut make sure i can find the old PM now....

  15. I just got some powder and wanted to give it a shot (pun intended).

    Iron Addict

  16. It went in to solution just fine, meaning it disolved with no problem. It just solidifies.


  17. Well that's helpful-lol. Maybe I can pull out some 18 guage and get someone to hold the cow.

    I was hoping someone could shed some light on how to get it into solution, and STAY there at 98 degrees and below hopefully. 100 mgs per ml is fine but a big chunk of solidified "stuff" holds little interest to me and most.

    Iron Addict

  18. No ****...

    NSruffrider was saying it wouldn't even go into solution though as a cypionate. I got it disolved just fine. Chemo said to try some PEG 400 and that did nothing. Only 20g left and I gotta run it!!! Anyone else want to chime in?



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