Epistane/Inhibit-E/Ralox to remove gyno?

  1. Epistane/Inhibit-E/Ralox to remove gyno?

    I'm thinking of running a stack of Epistane/Inhibit-E(ATD)/Ralox to try to reverse some gyno I have.

    My gyno is fairly small, but noticable.

    I also want to run the Epistane for gains.

    Epi 10/10/20/20/30/30
    Inhibit-E 25-50mm/ED
    Ralox 60-120mg/ED

    The above cycle will last around 7-8 weeks but I may only use the Epi for 4-5 weeks depending on bloodwork.

    The low dose of Epi is due to a possible acne breakout.

    How does the above cycle sound and what would you change (if anything)?

  2. I think it looks good. I've talked to a few guys on here who have said it has almost totally eliminated their gyno problems. I myself have a mild tough with some scar tissue build up. So I really hope this works for you my friend.

    O and it was Irish Cannon who I've last spoke with about gyno reduction, so I'd search his logs and see what he did. Again good luck!
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  3. IMO running a steriod to get rid of gyno makes no sense. I would go to the doctor to get options.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by pembroke3355 View Post
    IMO running a steriod to get rid of gyno makes no sense. I would go to the doctor to get options.
    x2. and I dont know if Inhibit-E would be a good choice to use if you take this path. I've heard/read it can aggravate gyno.

  5. Yeah...what is with this "Epi/Hav etc are anti-e so I can use them and get rid of gyno at the same time!!" Holy ****, steroid use is most likely the reason you have gyno, so the answer in your mind is that you should have your cake and eat it? Get a grip. Run a SERM solo, a steroidal AI like Exemestane could also be used just to limit the chance of a flare when lowering the dosage.

  6. If your gyno is not that noticeable, just leave it alone and train!!!!

  7. last i saw letro + tamox was a popular one, or ralox...long cycle slowly tapered

  8. For further reference, this is the supplements forum. Please take your questions about steroids and the like to the appropriate forum.


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