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    Anybody know if there's any point in taking Vitex on a cycle of T1-Pro as an anti-E and to salvage some endogenous test? I'm trying to save money and I have a few bottles laying around?

  2. No. I don't think it will esp on cycle. Do a search here and you'll find some studies cited. It basically converts to progesterone.

    I took some vitex off cycle once just to try it out and all I got was slightly itchy nips. I have a little chest fat and no gyno.

  3. Vitex is to progesterone as Tribulus is to Lutenizing Hormone.. I had posted a ton of studies, none of which were based on men, that state that vitex increased progesterone, not turned into it..

    I'll find the thread for you..

  4. So I should stay away from taking this **** during my cycle?

  5. It never bothered me, since I actually jumped on the bandwagon when it was first thought of as an anti-e while on ph.. I had no problems with it, just not sure how well it "worked" or not.. I took 1g a day when I did used it, back in the Trenabol-X days..



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