Comments on Lean Mass Cycle

  1. Comments on Lean Mass Cycle

    Edited to include some more information.

    This is the cycle I am working on, I have not started it just researching it now. I am trying to make it a lean mass/cutting cycle. I am 260 and about 14-15% bf. The goal is to mainly cut down the body fat to around 8%or less but also adding as much lean muscle as possilbe. I know that I have to mainly pick cutting or mass building and this is more of a cutting type cycle I hope. I will be doing cardio 3 times a week for 30-40 minutes the first 1st 2 weeks then bump it up if I need to the next few weeks. I also will be strict on the diet keeping it right around maintance level on the days of cardio and maybe 250 calories below. High protein, middle carbs, and low fat. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Test Enanthate   &nb sp;    &nb sp;    &nb sp; 500 mg/week    &n bsp;    &n bsp;   Week 1-10
    Equipoise (Boldenone)    400 mg/week    &n bsp;    &n bsp;    Week 1-10
    Finaplex   &nbs p;    &nbs p;    &nbs p;    &nbs p;     150 mg/eod    &nb sp;    &nb sp;    &nb sp;  Week 1-6
    Winstol (Stanozolol)        &nb sp; 50 mg/day    &nb sp;    &nb sp;    &nb sp;  Week 7-12
    Nolvadex   &nbs p;    &nbs p;    &nbs p;    &nbs p;    &nbs p; 40 mg/day    &nb sp;    &nb sp;    &nb sp;   Week 12-13
    Nolvadex   &nbs p;    &nbs p;    &nbs p;    &nbs p;    &nbs p; 20 mg/day    &nb sp;    &nb sp;    &nb sp;   Week 1-15 This also includes the 20mg/day just incase some type of gyno problems start.

    Thanks again for looking at this.

  2. uve done ur homework obviously . but the last thing u wrote , about nolva, u gonna run it all the way ? or just in case ?? cos all the way wudnt be necessary i think . just use a lil incase of bloat . u shud do well off this cycle bro . .keep us all posted .

  3. I just figured it would be just in case.. mainly I had it written that way from the planning stage to make sure I had enough on hand for the dosage

  4. I woudlnt use enan cause it bloats you so much...however i know that is why u are running nolv....blah

    i say run L dex .25 ed that will do the track and wont hinder your gains...

    i would replace the enan with prop and take them with your tren shots...which i would take to 75 mg ED...for best results.

    I would also use clomid post cycle...

    other then that looks good....

    now as far as getting down to 8% and still building mass....well i think that is asking for to i always said u either cut or bulk

  5. Thanks SHOT. I had thought about the L dex, I PMed you the other day about it. Anyway I didn't think I would be able to build much mass while cutting...   but right now getting cut is the more important of the 2.

    Just so I know, why is it that enth bloats so much? Is it because of the ester or something else about it?

  6. Originally posted by Matthew D

    Just so I know, why is it that enth bloats so much? Is it because of the ester or something else about it?
    I have wondered the same, whats the difference between an enth and prop ester when it comes to bloat?

  7. Well it has to be something with an esters affinity for water. I guess we might get one of the chemists on here to explain it.. If not I will keep looking to see what I can find.

  8. bump... I agree with SHOT's modifications...



  9. Thanks WYD I appreicate it. Okay I am going to wade into this debate because I have seen it a few times but what is the difference between clomid and nolva? According to the profiles I have read they are the same chemically except thee nolva appears to be better because of lower doses etc.

    Also to clarify I am pretty much using one of the sample stacks from it is ctgblue lean mass stack only change I did was to have the fina eod not ed which now appears not to have been the best modification.


  10. check ur pm's matt


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