1. STRAIGHT FORWARD: T1-Pro Gains!

    Ok, I have searched through your forums, and other site forums, and I feel the need for this thread, after much researching. So don't anyone tell me to click the search button.

    If you have done T1-Pro, Please state what your weight was before your cycle, and what your weight was after your cycle. State also any obviously needed facts such as weight lost post-cycle, and Nutritional intake, and your dosage per day and lenght of cycle. (just basic info)

    Thank you.

    Also I don't want opinions such as, Dont get t1-pro, get such and such. or T1-pro is good, you should get good gains.
    No opinions please, just straightforward gain facts.
    Thanx, it'll benefit a lot of people.


  2. Ive done 2 cycles with T1 pro and loved it. How will my results, stats and routine benefit alot of people. Everyone is different and everyone has different sides and gains while on it. Some bitch about hair lose, others bitch about rashes. I had none of either that doesnt mean it wont happen to you. You need to state exactly what it is your planing on doing with this info, not that it will benefit everyone. If your plan is to determine what are the typical results from the use of the stuff then that is all you need to ask. Everyone here pretty much knows what to expect from it, but thats just an estimate from other users info.

    But to be of whatever help I can, I gained about a final 7 lbs on both. Thats gains kept after PC. I started the first one @ 213 and ended up around 220. Then started the second one around 220 and ended around 225-227. My diet was to just eat everything I could hold down and some. Food is the key to growth so why limit it to a certain amount or type unless your only looking to gain lean muscle mass or cut. Im always bulking. Unless its summer. I train hard heavy and often. and Dosing was extremly high since Ive got a huge tolerance for most things that go into my body. I was running 4 pumps of T1pro and T4 twice a day. Thats alot of freakin lotion!

    Good luck bro

  3. re

    Hey thanx DB, yea the only reason i wrote all that, is cause a lot of people like to flame and get picky. I know that other peoples gains dont necessarily have to exactly relate to each other.

    I simply would like to see average gains of experienced people who knew how to cycle properly.

    I mean if lets say for example SO+ the average gained was 4lbs, and that the max gain i have seen is 5lbs, (this is only an example, dont hold me to the numbers lol) , while T1-pro the average gained was 95lbs, and the max gained was 105lbs. (once again an example), then I can see a pattern, and what is possible in gains for some, (assuming we are all human here, and related ''slightly'' hah.

    I mean if people constantly say 15-20lbs in muscle mass, then there must be some truth to it.
    That is why i wanted to know gains, because I want to go with what has the "POTENTIAL" to have better gains.
    (and trust me i know exactly what to do) If i dont gain it will certainly have nothin to do with anythin by my fault.
    Thanx once again DB.

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