Methy 1-test

  1. Methy 1-test

    hey whats this??/ i see every body raving about it ive never even heard of it.

  2. the search button usually works. And it is a PH, not a steroid

  3. Methyl-1-testosterone is indeed a steroid..

  4. Originally posted by sifu
    the search button usually works. And it is a PH, not a steroid
    Incorrect, it is a steroid in the gray area of the regulations. Since it was never pursued for pharmaceutical purposes it falls into a loophole.


  5. ok ok legality wise.

  6. so its legal because its considered a PH but technically it is a steroid??

  7. Available at !!

  8. Its the shiznit! **** all the legality crap. If your thinking about it and have some experience with strong PH's or roids then Id say give it a whirl. If your a newb, stick to actual PH's. The stuffs no joke. It can be extremly dangerous if used improperly and as of right now all research info is being compilied to determine proper useage for it.
    I like it though!


  9. Available at !!
    You post pimp!

  10. closed it


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