question about my ban?

  1. question about my ban?

    came across this today and wanted to know if anyone knew if it was legit or not?

  2. Yep, it's legit... Enjoy!

  3. Wait, that looks like the Seychelles Country flag. Even though it may be the most beautiful place on earth, do they even have computers there?

  4. ??? wtf

  5. HOLY CRAP thats funny

    questions about my ban?

    So much funnier than read the rules, or hey you breaking the age rule.

    I think I pee-ed just a little when I was laughing.

    PHF Rep


  6. come from seychelles....ur perfectly ryt bout it being 1 of the most beautiful places on earth, although we do have computers, sorry to dissapoint u man, funny though......

  7. 06-27-2008

  8. Quote Originally Posted by xcfhx6604 View Post
    came across this today and wanted to know if anyone knew if it was legit or not?
    its not legit - everyone has banning privileges

  9. Quote Originally Posted by MrBigPR View Post
    I was thinking that too. Why do people bring up these ancient topics. I have see one brought up from 05 recently... I mean...


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