PH cycle with sus250??

  1. PH cycle with sus250??

    Ok this might sound a little ignorant but anythings worth a shot. How could one incorporate a few shots of sus250 into a PH cycle? I have about 4 cc left over from last time i did injectables and wanted to know if that could be used at a small dosage maybe during pct to boost my test levels or just take very small doses with the ph cycle?? I will most likely be doing trenX with either EPI or hdrol.

  2. Exogenous testosterone will suppress the hpta, not "boost" it. However, sustanon has a good amount of prop in it so you may see a little extra gains if you have enough to run it for the rest of your cycle.

  3. so i'll just run a small amount each week with the trenx and epi.

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