My first real deal!

  1. My first real deal!

    Age 27, Weight 170-175, height 5'8, BF 15% Stats- Bench 315, Squat 400, Dont do heavy deads cause my lower back. Ok, Winstrol 20ml x 50mcg/ml. So i think i will use 50 twice a week for 10 weeks followed by nolva. Then hit a clen t3 combo afterwards. Any opinions on my method. This is my first real thing, dont a few otc in the past and put on a lot of size but i want more. I will be starting in the winter, it says it can be taken oral. Would anyone recommend this or should i go ahead and stick it.

  2. Where would you like me to start about all of the things wrong with this cycle?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. Go ahead please. Its a lot of money and i want to get the best results

  4. Winstrol is an oral, which needs to be dosed daily, if not 2x/day. Also, 10 weeks on an oral is far too long. T3 should not be run without some sort of AAS to counteract the potential catabolism. Clen can be used without AAS, but it must be cycled on 2 wk on/2 wk off basis (I myself find that it is better to do 1 wk on/1 wk off).
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. Winstrol is available as both an injectable and an oral. Injectables are shot at every day or every other day, usually at the tail end of a long cycle.

  6. It also comes in inject (50 dosage) form but you might and probeley are right. I was planning on doing 2 on 2 off with the clen. Could you recommend something besides the winstrol with similar results?

  7. Where's the test?

  8. Testosterone propionate and winstrol would be a fine, low aromatizing cutter.

    Prop-150mg eod wks 1-8
    Win-50-100mg ed wks 1-4
    Arimidex-.5mg eod throughout
    Clomid-150mg day 1, 100mg ed wk1 &2, 50mg ed wk3.


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