Ok injected some test cypionate in a vein freaking out

  1. Ok injected some test cypionate in a vein freaking out

    Was putting 3cc in my back side. first needle was in pulled back plunger back little air bubbles. good starting injecting put 1.5 cc in pulled back again little air bubbles. when i was finished i pulled back again and i was in a vein started to fill with blood. Really freaking out what to look for. What does this cause?

  2. lol... I remember the first time I saw a little blood squirt back into the syringe. After reading all these horrible nightmare scenariors, I was a little startled. Let me tell you first off... injecting into a vein in your ass while you re doing the backwards bend into the mirror is very very improbable. Injecting enough straight into a vein to cause you serious harm would be even more difficult (the suspension is pretty thick and would most likely push the vein aside or just straight out burst it). That aside, if you re still alive to read this, then you re in the clear. To correctly check, make sure you pull back very gently before plunging next time. If you do hit a vein, there is usually enough force that the blood will "squirt" into the syringe and its a lot more than a drop.

  3. havent hit a vein yet but i hit a nerve today....fun stuff, let me tell u...

  4. Yea, if you had injected into a vein, you'd have known it in seconds. You probably went through a vein, and just got a little blood on the way out. You should be fine, but you might have a little bruise there tomorrow.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by nosnmiveins View Post
    havent hit a vein yet but i hit a nerve today....fun stuff, let me tell u...
    Indeed it is!

    I thought I was going to fricking die when I hit one in my ventro. My right side was twitching all through class that morning!!

  6. Hitting a vein reminds me that what I'm doing is serious. It's both a good and bad reminder to be ****in careful.

  7. are you guys referring to your sciatic nerve that you punctured ?

  8. Make sure your will is left out so your relatives can find it along with your body. :P

    You did not inject into a vein, you passed a vein on your way in. You may get a strange feeling in your lungs and a bad taste in your mouth, but that's it. Some oil probably got in the bloodstream and the BA will be destroyed in the lungs (hence the aforementioned symptoms.) The mount in the vein is probably minimal, but you would need to inject 3cc or more directly into a vein to cause an oil embolism. Stop sweating the small stuff. Thankfully you weren't injecting tren, nicking a vein with tren can cause the most terrifying coughing fit.


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