Bac. Water Illegal to possess.

  1. Bac. Water Illegal to possess.

    Wanted to share part of an email that I got today from a reputable company. I've removed any mention of names to keep from source posting. You all might find this very interesting.

    ============================== =============

    We have been contacted by the FDA who don't seem to care for our business.
    Many of their questions centered around sterile and bacteriostatic water.
    These technically are prescription items. As its for sale everywhere, and because XXXXXXcorp, who were heavily investigated, were never asked to stop selling it, I thought it would be okay for me too. Apparently not.

    As I looked into it, I found its illegal even for customers to possess (unless they have a doctor's prescription or special license). To avoid problems for me and my customers, it has been dropped permanently.

    We have ordered and are awaiting a new type of water. This is a .9% saline sterile water. It closely matches the body's own water and should produce less of a sting than ordinary sterile water. It is what hospitals use most often to dilute drugs. They typically do NOT use bacteriostatic
    water. This does not have "Rx only" stamped on it and will not be a legal problem to sell or for customers to buy/possess.

  2. very interesting

  3. got this email as well...

  4. meh just do what i do and make your own bacteriostatic water its not hard at all

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