EPI/Tren Stack, Conflicting PCT

  1. EPI/Tren Stack, Conflicting PCT

    Hey guys, im about to order Tren250 and Epi-drol for a 4 to 6 weeker (not sure yet, maybe pulsing). This will be a light cutting cycle, as i am somewhat unfamiliar with ph's because of primarily injectable cycles. Im getting very conflicting ideas on pct for these two compounds together. And we all know the companies say you dont need anything. All advice is welcome

  2. Nolva or clomid is fine, no need for both

  3. Id say Nolva @ :

    40/30/20/10 if you run it straight through instead of pulsing.

    30/20/10 if you end up pulsing it.

    Anything else you use for pct is just icing on the cake, but I usually just stick with nolva. I'm running 40/30/20/10 for a 12 week inject cycle. It's not rocket science, but i appreciate the fact that you want to do it right.

  4. Thanks for the help guys, but is OTC pct a possibility, i'm not very prone to sides as i've never really had any from injectables, besides the puffyness, but then again i realize they were just that...Injectables.

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