Starting H-drol in 1 week.....

  1. Starting H-drol in 1 week.....

    hey guys, im 24 years old, lots of weight training experience in the gym...i plan on running C.E.L H-drol for 4 weeks, i could really use some feedback on my cycle plan!!

    H-drol: 50/50/50/50
    (i dont have access to AI - cycle support i live in canada)

    (pre-loaded 2 weeks prior to cycle, ON cycle)
    -Hawthorn berries
    -saw palmetto
    -Milk thistle

    (i dont have access to a SERM)

    Anabolic Xtreme PCT or Novadex XT (not sure on the dosage to take?)
    -Milk thistle
    -Fish Oil

  2. if you cant get a serm how did you get the h-drol. anyway h-drol ussually has a low occurence of shut down. so u may be ok with just an ai ,BUT serms are nice to have around. your cycle looks pretty basic. i dont see anything really out of line maybe add live 52 (livercare). for the ai have you used either one prior to this if so i would go with what you know.

  3. a friend of mine hooked me up with h-drol thats how i got for the ai i havent used any but i have both of them....

  4. can you get post cycle support, or stoked from annabolic innovations?

  5. You may want to check on the red yeast free version of Cycle Support that maybe ok in canada. I see no reason you cannot have Post Cycle Support. Your cycle looks ok and h-drol is mild I ran it 5 weeks at 75mg and used Cycle Support on cycle and Post Cycle Support and Lean Xtreme for pct and all was well.

    Let me know if I can be of any help and best of luck bro
    Ask me for samples of the new RecoverPRO and Maniac. 3Z is coming July 1st Facebook for more info and maybe a great deal on it coming.!/TeamAISports



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