on Phera/proviron cycle....little help

  1. on Phera/proviron cycle....little help

    im running a phera/proviron cycle but i have a question...
    phera 20/20/30/30/20

    when i run phera at 30mg....i take 10mg in the morning....and 20 prior my work out or 10mg in the morning, 10mg after lunch and 10mg before my workout....

    before bed time is a bad idea becouse cause insonia.....


    im on day 14 and gained 4,6kg -->+ - 10pounds...
    i post my log after the end of my cycle....

    Thanks and sorry for my english

  2. 10lbs in 2 weeks! Not bad man.

  3. phera is a good compound but very wet and for me...a libido killer...but proviron prevent this bad side....

    today i take 10mg in the mornning..10mg prior to workout and 10mg after workout

    what you think?

  4. I was just thinking that there will probably be no difference between taking it 3 times a day, or 2 times a day.

  5. but have a BIG diference of 20mg to 30mg hehehhe
    im gained 22pounds on my last cycle 20/20/20/20/20
    this cycle i think my gains bump to 20-25pounds....



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