Need Help! Trying to get my cycle straight...

  1. Exclamation Need Help! Trying to get my cycle straight...

    Ok... I'm new here and am going to need some help. Here is what I ordered:

    Week 1 to 10: 400mg of EQ weekly
    Week 1 to 10: 25 mg proviron daily
    Week 13 - 40mg nolva+ 100mg clomid daily
    Week 14 - 30mg nolva+ 50mg clomid daily
    Week 15 - 20mg nolva+ 50mg clomid daily

    Then this is what I was told:

    Gonna be another 2 mos for the EQ... Please replace with something else....He recommends DECCA... Now correct me if I'm wrong but, I need TEST to take with my DECCA? I am not sure, I have been reading so much before I even tried thinking about ordering this gear. I am starting to get irritated because I am using this as a small weight gain/strength gain and maintain cycle... I was under the impression that you cannot take the DECCA without TEST... The Boldenone is what I want and I did read that DECCA and boldenone are roughly the same...Am I on the right track at least, or am I off in left field?

    Any helpful info would be appreciated...

  2. i wouldnt take ANY compound without Test.

    u can run Test and EQ but NOT EQ alone...thats just dumb

    and also, what are ur stats?

  3. A cycle with test and the eq were offered, however i was under the impression it would make me a LOT bigger than I intend to be.

    Right now I am 6'1 , 173 lbs target weight is 195, my max on bench right now is 215lbs, dead lift 295 and don't squat much right now...

  4. stick to test E @ 500mg/week for 10-12 weeks, being ur first cycle id venture to say that ud gain 25lbs and keep 20lbs.....every other injectable substance is terrible to run WITHOUT test, test should be the base of every cycle

    test + proviron would be good too

  5. Ok so no DECCA With Proviron... Need the Test even for the EQ... will i yield the same results as far as keeping the same strength I gained? That is why I looked at the EQ in the first place...

  6. EQ is quite weak in comparison to test. The gains will be quite lean, since it aromatizes only 1/2 as much as test, but you probably would fall quite short of your weight gain goal with running just EQ. As NOS said a 12 week cycle of test-E should put you up at least 20lbs if your diet/workout is right. I'm assuming you were running the proviron for libido, With test you shouldn't need it though, I'm finishing up a test cycle now and its been an 11 week B*ner-fest.

  7. Well guys I appreciate the help and will get with my guy on the gear. One thing i did not mention was getting the Boldenone so it wasn't so obvious on my gains. If I balloon up 25 lbs in 12 weeks I think there would be some suspicions and I don't like to take blood tests....

  8. I agree with everyone else you need testosterone, also deca and equipoise aren't the same, yes they are both highly anabolic but different. Deca is the more potent of the two but you will hold some water, both help rebuild your joints and ligaments but Eq is better at this, Eq also converts to testosterone (not much), and they both aromatize to estrogen.


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