Melting points for a certain compounds (gear)

  1. Melting points for a certain compounds (gear)

    Testosterone enanthate 36 degrees C 96.8 F
    Testosterone No Ester 155 degrees C 311 F
    Testosterone propionate 118 degrees C 244 F
    Testosterone Cypionate 98-104 degrees C 208.4-219 F
    Boldenone undecylenate liquid at room temperature
    Stanozolol&nbsp 228-242 degrees C 442-468F
    Nandrolone Decanoate 30-35 degrees C 86-95F
    Oxandrolone&nbsp 235-238 degree C 455-460 F
    Thanks to basskiller for the last 3.

    Now converted for the metric impaired crew jking guys

  2. Any chance you're going to post those in real temperature units? hehehehe


  3. Jesus, no wonder winny is so hard to get into solution. Good post!

  4. I guess I could go through and convert these for the metric impaired crew

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