Extra 4-ad to hydroxytest?

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  2. I've used some DMSO in my own custom formula of LGP HydroxyTest (with about 3 extra grams) and had no issues. 4-AD is pretty much self limiting IMHO so you shouldn't have an issue with using extra.


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  4. Actually Tmack it would be good if you did over lap the applications then on will help drag the reminents of the other in with it.. If there is residue on the skin which there will be the new applicvation will help to take that in as well. Hope thast helps.. TTY
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  5. Just watch for irritation... TTY
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  6. Thanks a lot for the advice. I was thinking this could be possible but was worried about irritation. But in the few spots that have been overlapping there is none to speak of. Perhaps Ill try ofsetting my application times but 20 minutes or so and then overlap entirely when i have the time. Ill post how the irritation goes if any and results as well.

  7. How is the hydroxytest compared to regular 1-test man? I was thinking of trying it or methyl-1 for my first cycle but couldn't decide

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  9. Cortez, didnt't you got warned by Bobo for not researching, you are barely of legal age to try these substances...

    One thing I don't like about LGP's transdermal is that it contains 1-t, 4-ad, 4-OHT. So its difficult to find out how 4-OHT works because 1-t and 4-ad is a very good combo already. At least they sell 4-OHT in bulk form.

  10. yeah i did get warned by bobo, but I might try it anyway at a low dose lol


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