Measuring bulk PH to add to T-1

  1. Measuring bulk PH to add to T-1

    I have bulk OH test powder & I want to add 2 grams (each) to a few bottles of T-1 Final. The bulk PH is all together & I don't have a scale to weigh it out exactly per gram.

    Is there a shortcut way to figure out how much powder equals 1 gram?

    I thought I heard somewhere that a measured teaspoon is roughly 2 grams, but that doesn't take the density of the substance into account.

    Any ideas?

  2. buy some scales!!

    if there not too dear they will be worth it if you intend to homebrew things in the future.

  3. NE1
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    You can buy a decent mechanical type scale for under $20. Well worth it...the lucky 11 gem scale. Or a digital for around $30.

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