Help getting pointed in the right direction

  1. Help getting pointed in the right direction

    Ive been looking into trying my first injectable cycle. Ive done epistane and just wasnt happy with the outcome. I dont want to get huge just want some more mass and I really want to lean up which is hard or me to do. Im at about 13% bf but I used to be really fat so its not solid at all. I was thinking winstrol or something along those lines but I know that wont bulk me up. Id be happy to get to about 10%bf and add another 7 or 8 lbs of muscle. Where would be a good place to start looking. One of my buddies said you could stack winstrol and deca and get some good gains but I havnt researched alot yet and wanted your opinions first so I could start planning.

  2. My question is why weren't you happy with Epistane and why will you be happier with injectables?
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  3. I was happy with it I guess it just no matter how hard I tried for how long I could not keep the gains. I bust my ass in PCT but after a few months I would not have 90% of the gains

  4. try a pulse cycle of eight weeks duration.

    and also make sure when you PCT, you drop your volume, keep eating like a madman (you will likely gain some fat in this time, unless you choose to use a fat burner/cardio carefully), control your hormone levels/return them to normal, keep cortisol in check/and heal your innards.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by UnrealMachine View Post
    My question is why weren't you happy with Epistane and why will you be happier with injectables?
    because epistane sucks and test doesnt!

  6. Try 500mgs/wk test-e. Don't take deca, its one of the hardest steroids to recover from.

  7. Just trying to find something that will get me real lean and also throw on a few lbs of muscle. Main goal is to get leaned up.


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