My Havoc check list

  1. My Havoc check list

    Tommorow the big brown truck (actually FedX) will be bringing me a box full of goddies from NP.
    I plan to start a 4 week Havoc cycle on July 21.I think i have all my sh&t together but lets take a look. BTW stats are
    Age 34
    Weight 150
    Height 5'6"
    PH history, 1 Methyl 1-D cycle this past winter with great results but lost a bunch of my gains

    My dosing plan is 30,30,30,40
    Here is my list:

    AI Cycle support
    No Xplode (its a mental thing for me,Got to have it)
    Nitrix (Nitrix works very well for me)
    Dermacrine, If needed for lethargy and/or lib.
    Fish oil
    Milk Thistle, Do i need milk thistle and CS or does the cycle support have me covered?
    100% Whey protein

    For my PCT.
    I have read to many horror stories about people sending money for a SERM and getting screwed,I dont have a connection so i have decided to go with a OTS PCT (hope i dont regret it).
    The list:

    AI Post cycle support - Weeks 1-4
    I3C- Weeks 1-4
    ZMA- Weeks 1-4
    Lean Xtreme - Weeks 3-5
    6 OXO - Weeks 4-7
    Creatine - Always

    Ok let the beating's begin, What did i mis?

  2. looks fine buddy

  3. With the NO watch your B.P. You could probably drop the milk thistle if you are going to dose CS 2 times daly. I dose it once, that way I can use it through cycle and pct, but I run serm. So I also take 600 mg MT

  4. looks good, if you dont notice much from havoc at 30mgs after the first two weeks id bump it up to 40 for the third instead of waiting for the fourth. you probably will so i wouldnt worry about it.

    i have a bit more cycle experience and i got stronger off of 30mg's of it but i didnt gain much weight, once i upped it to 40, and then 50 i saw alot more gains. play it by ear, be safe, be smart, i was just thrown that out there.

    then again since you dont have a serm for pct you will prob run into more trouble with the higher doses. so good luck with whatever you decide!

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