400mg test e / week ... yay or nay?

  1. 400mg test e / week ... yay or nay?

    its been 2 years since i've cycled anything, previous two cycles were 600mg/week test e and 750mg/week test e.

    will 400mg/week suffice for a decent lean mass cycle of 10-15 lbs?

  2. Some of my best cycles have been on 500mg of test a week. I think you ll be able to make some solid gains on 400mg a week. Especially if you re planning on running it for 10 to 12 weeks. After the 2nd or 3rd week, you ll be rocking and rolling. Throw a solid oral for the first few weeks and I think you ll manage 15 pounds no problem, since this is your first cycle in 2 years.

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