Cycle ends in 7 weeks what should i do for my pct?

  1. Cycle ends in 7 weeks what should i do for my pct?

    Hey guys i am on my 6th week of a sustanon/havoc cycle. I have done cycles in the past with not the best planned pct's. My current cycle is like this.

    Week 1-6 (500mg sus)
    week 6-13 (900mg sus)
    week 4-8 (havoc 20/30/40/40)
    week 1-13 (LDEX .5mg eod)
    as well as cycle support everyday with reverstrol,and OPC3

    On hand i have Liquinolva, 6oxo, Anabolic Xtreme Advanced pct, post cycle support, more Ldex, OPC-3, novedex, creatine.

    how should i do my pct??? what items should i use out of the ones i have?? In the past i have used tribulus, with novedex which was ok, but i wanna use the things that i have the best way i can.

  2. I'd think about HCG bro, just because your cycle is quite long. You'll probably be fine, but it's usually a good plan to have some if your cycles go longer than 12 weeks. I'd do something like:

    Nolva: 40/40/20/20/10 (more than i'd usually say, but it was a 16 weeker)

    I'd run the Xtreme PCT, and PCSupport. Creatine never hurts, but i'd stay away from the 6oxo, and novedex since you'll already be running Dex right up to PCT.

    I'd keep running the Armidex right up to pct (to avoid estro rebound), maybe a week into pct. Just make sure to taper way down. But Dex isn't nearly as bad as letro as far as rebound so you should be fine.

    By the way How is the cycle so far, What are you're gains like? And if your on your 6th week how does your cycle end in 7 weeks (if it's 16 weeks)?

  3. sorry bro 13weeks, i got carried away there for a sec, The gains started off quickly with the sust, the havoc dried me fast though once i started, not that i wanted to retain too much water, but i was gaining some good mass, then the havoc hardened me up bigtime. strenght has gone up a lot, i was 189 before cycle now 204. Very lean muscle

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