New Cycle PHERA with PROVIRON (help)

  1. New Cycle PHERA with PROVIRON (help)

    I start this cycle on monday and is everything going right but i have a question....
    do i run phera plex Every Day(ED) (saturday and sunday too) or every trainning days? (without saturday and sunday)

    cycle plan:
    Phera: 20/30/30/20/20 (mgs) (???)
    PROVIRON: 25/??/??/??/??(mgs) (every day ever)

    (build up muscle without water and loss of libido)

    please help and sorry for my english..

  2. i ran phera for a month ed even weekends. i tapered up as needed but never back down. if your looking for little in water gains then u picked the wrong compound. u should have went with epi or superdrol. i hear u can run the proviron at 100 mgs a day to increase libido but its not much of an anti e to help with the water weight. try some adex to strip water weight. be sure to use cycle support throughout cycle and nolvadex for post cycle therapy.

  3. proviron anti estrogenic effects is a bonus... i use proviron to keep libido high.... water retention i loss in PCT ....

    but i take 30mg on off days in week 2 and 3?? is a high dosage mann...

    please help

  4. i ran p plex (same compound) at 15/30/45/45. ive even heard of some guys taking it to 60 but i didnt need to and its probably not too safe. i was very tired at the 45 dose but it was only for 2 weeks and the results were worth it. if considering going this high be sure to have cycle support and and absolutely no drinking. maybe throw in some liv.52 just to be as safe as u can when using such a high dose of methyls.

  5. hey mann...i say "high" dosage becouse i doenst workout in saturday and sunday...and i ask..."i run in the sunday and saturday" and the guys told me to run EVERY DAY ever....
    30mg is a high dosage to a non workout day...i think

  6. how about running 10mg less on non workout days and personally i have found taking one day off of the methyl to be a good thing it gives your liver a slight break and you dont stay off of the compound too long so you dont lose gains. There is no need to go down on the dose in the later weeks. Take the proviron everyday starting at 25mg then you can up it by 25mg each time if you need to (loss of libido or want to be harder).

  7. hmmmm what you think about stay the normal dosage in saturday and keep sunday free of anabolics....
    thanks man...

  8. i kept one of my days off from work (usually a party day) completely off. I think it helps you from getting shutdown to quickly and lets your body rest from the stress of taking these methylated hormones so you can run it longer and stay a lil healthier.


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