Higher Concentrations

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    Higher Concentrations

    Is there any reason why i shouldnt make my test en and eq and 500mg/ml and 400mg/ml? Ive got ba and bb as Ive read the bb helps thin the oil a bit making for an easier inject. Any opionions?

    Oh yea, my lack of patience got the better of me and started drinking my dbol today, shame on me. But it was only 10mg (so far).

  2. u want to shoot 4 ml and walk away painlessly or try and shoot high concentration gear and limp for 4-5 days ? anyway , how much diff does 2-3 ml more per week make , always go for low concentration gear imo ...

  3. Agreed with raybravo. You'll definalty have the "limp" if you shoot that high concentration LOL


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    Thanks guys, thats what i needed to know.

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