hey guys i am in my one week off from just clen with benedryl and my fat loss has plateaued.. i noticed alot of weight come off from carb cycling then when i added clen maybe i lost another 2-3 pounds in the 2 weeks but i think im done losing alot The good thing is i have kept probably at least 90% of my muscle but i still want to lean up before i clean bulk... This week i will be eating complex carbs aabout 200grams a day around workout and breakfast time for 6 days a week to Maintain my bodyfat... In about 8 days i willl start my clen cycle again now my question is i have t3 also and i Know it can be catabolic at high doses but can i run it with the clen by going no higher then 50mg a day to help boast my metabolism.. and i will probably still do my mourning cardio of 30-45 low intensity thanks.. please help guys i do not want to run AAS with T3 becuase i got a cycle planned out soonfor a clean bulk