Poll: T-1 final or T-1 Pro for cutting cycle??

T-1 final or T-1 Pro for cutting cycle?

  1. Question T-1 final or T-1 Pro for cutting cycle?

    Which one would be a better option for a cutting cycle?

  2. i run 1 bottle of t1 final for 3 weeks while cutting at 1 squirt twice a day and was very happy with the results. lost some body fat and my strength went up. i run high protein, moderate carb diet. Also run an eca at the same time, energy levels were good!


  3. The issue you'll be concerned with for cutting is estrogen-caused water retention. Both T-1 Pro & Final have the same amount of 4-AD per squirt, so you will retain a little water either way. The only difference between the 2 products is T-1 Pro has double the amount of 1-test (per 240ml). The extra 1-test will just be a waste if you are cutting.

    You could probably save money & just use 1 bottle of T-1 Final at 2 squirts a day. It should last 4 weeks & should do the trick. You'll retain muscle while cutting, & maybe even gain a little. Not bad for $28.

  4. I am interested to know why you say the extra 1-test will be a waste since he is cutting?

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