T-1 pro cycle

  1. T-1 pro cycle

    I'm about to start my first T-1 Pro cycle! 300 to 400mg a day? And where to apply? Also should I come off the cycle with something? If so what? And should I up my protien intake from 2.0 per lbs.? Any other help..........


  2. Ya,Ya, I'm still reading


  3. The doseage is up to you. Apply to areas of the body where theres arteries. Yes, you have to come off with something, 6-oxo is nice. I hope you're not consuming 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight, thats too much. For a PH cycle, try about 1.25-1.45 grams pe pound of lean body mass.

    You could have found every bit of this yourself by reading around, these topics have been covered at least a dozen times.

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