Anybody go from Activate/LX or DTH+TTE right into an SD cycle?

  1. Anybody go from Activate/LX or DTH+TTE right into an SD cycle?

    I am winding down a Activate/LX/RR stack and wondering if it would be prudent to go straight into a SD cycle exclusively at 10mg/day for 30 days. I have used SD a couple times before and have had GREAT success. 10mg worked great for me as did 20mg, but at 20mg I would bloat to much. So at 10mg I would be on a light/lean summer bulk.

    I am just kicking around this impatient idea

    Any thoughts?

  2. Bump.

    I'd like to hear opinions on this too. I'm in the middle of an Activate Xtreme/Cissus-Drol stack, but I've got some halo and some epi sitting on the shelf giving me the eye.


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