HydroxyTest Cycle

  1. HydroxyTest Cycle

    I will b doing a 1-test/4AD/Hydroxytest cycle, come December, because my cals will probably be the highest then.

    I will be doing 150mg/day of each compound, for approximately 30 days, this is my 1st cycle.  If anyone has any input on something that should be different here, let me know.

    I will be doing cardio also, to attempt to gain as much lean mass and keep the fat off, but will be eating over maintenance cals, but eating very clean.

    The only offset is that I am at school, and drinking is an issue, because I do not want to isolate myself from my peers, if you know what i mean, but will attempt to limit it as much as possible.

    I will keep a log if anyone wants to know about my results, just let me know, and anything that anyone has to add, feel free to just let it out.

  2. you know what kind of feedback your going to get about the drinking around here. I am in the middle of a t-1 cycle but am thinking about a cycle similar to yours to follow the t-1. I'd like to hear your results

  3. Do you have post cycle meds taken care of?

    Do you have Nolva on hand?

    Try to keep the drinking down. Noone is going to want to hear how the product didn't work for you when we know you were out getting hammered.

  4. i will have everything on hand before cycle starts yes.

    i understand the drinking thing, i know it shouldn't be done at all on cycle, but i mean that is all my friends do, so i will try to stay away from it as much as possible.

  5. Should be a good cycle, start up a thread in the cycle log forum when the time comes. You only need to lay off the sause for 30 days. Good luck.

  6. thanks for the reply's guys, i know the alcohol thing will hinder my results, which is why i will stay away as much as possible, i hope to only drink maybe once or twice while on cycle.  And possible not at all.

    thanks for the feedback though.

  7. If you must drink, take some extra Milk Thistle for liver protection. We all know there are times when it can't be avoided. weddings, etc.

  8. i am sorry, i am unaware of what milk thistle is, what about ala, would that also be essential, or does milk thistle replace that?

  9. Ok.... on the drinking thing... here's a good trick that I use myself..... Get yourself a flask.... fill it with diet coke or somethin you like to drink that isn't thick (no protien shakes, heh). Then walk around drinkin from it on occasion, and tell people it's somethin crazy like bacardi 151 or everclear or whatever and they'll avoid it.

    Best of luck on your cycle.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
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  10. Milk Thistle is an herbal supplement that is known for protecting the liver. It's cheap & you can get it at any GNC or vitamin/supplement store for $7-$10. ALA is good too, but milk thistle is probably the best. It couldnt hurt to take both.

    I actually plan to use both on my next cycle if the need to have a few cocktails arises. I take milk thistle alone throughout my cycles.


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