shot the quad

  1. shot the quad

    Well I shot the quad for the first time two days ago. I used a 1 inch 23g and everything went in fine. Well by the end of the night I was feeling sore. The problem is I didn't feel sore at the site of injection I felt sore around my knee cap about 10cm away from the shot site. I walked with alittle limp the next day and now I feel fine.

    Does anyone know why most of my pain came from somewhere other than where I shot. I think I am going to shoot the other quad tomorrow.

  2. It's normal bro, you'll be sore, you just stuck a needle into your muscle!!

  3. depending upon your fat percent and muscle size you may want to use a longer needle for quads I use 22g 1.5 inch, I usually dont get as sore using the larger needle

  4. also, if you dont go deep enough, or if you wiggle the needle when its down in there, can determine how much soreness there is the next day.

  5. Also make sure you don't go to far down on the sweep of your quads.

  6. bump on what mattd said. Personally I like to go at the quads from the side more towards the hip then knee. Check out and check out some of there pics. might help ya out. If I go in from directly on top I tend to have more soreness and pain.

  7. how'd the other quad shot go? That is pretty weird, maybe you touched a nerve or soemthing? I dunno why it would be sore 10cm below.

    one of the best ways i've seen to ot have soreness is to work that bodypart out directly after injecting. Worked real well for my bi and tri shots.

  8. What I do is measure you with my hand.. I put my thumb on my hip bone and spread the fingers.. then I find a spot that it inside of that area but no lower.. I accidental hit below that one night.. I thought I was getting an abscess because it was swollen and hurting like a bitch..

  9. you dude, that exact same hting happend to me, i shot up high on my quad then went running next day my knee cap hurt not the site where i shot.

  10. This happens to me with practically every quad shot. It's much worse if you don't insert the needle far enough. If you are using a 1" pin then you need to insert it almost entirely in. The pain always ends up being down near the knee and not at the injection site.
  11. Cool

    You have maybe shoot in a vein or between 2 muscles and you have to use a 1.5 inches needle. If you want a picture of how to inject email me: [email protected]
    Does anyone know why most of my pain came from somewhere other than where I shot. I think I am going to shoot the other quad tomorrow.[/QUOTE]


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