anyone ever hear of syntrop labs??

  1. anyone ever hear of syntrop labs??

    guys, i pretty much have decided not to take the rest of my andropen because i dont feel its sterile and i dont want to get an infection/abcess. If you dont know what i am talking about read my last posted thread saying

    "i know this sounds stupid but please help ".

    anyway, i am on week 4 its clear i dont want to stop my cycle mid way through, i came accross some stuff sustagen300 by SYNTROP labs, i have done some searching on the net, and it seems some people have heard of them with good success, but i was wondering if anyone on AM has any feedback on this company. I am also doing eod of Ldex for bloating purposes which has been great, not much bloating and still have gained 9 pnds and strenght on bench has gone up like 40 pnds, i added some Havoc in my cycle last week at 20mg which to be honest has really dried me out, i have no bloat at all or gyno to report of. Since adding the havoc pumps in the gym have been great, i plan on running the havoc at 20,30,30,40, i am due for my next shot but before i do pick up this SYNTROP stuff i wanna see what u guys think. I am thinking of ditching the LDEX because i think when on test at least some bloat is ok. thanks guys

  2. I have heard of them. But i haven't heard anything good about them. And your the 3rd person i have heard bad stuff about them. 1 Was a friend so i don't think i would buy any.

  3. delete ur post fuker, no sources!!

  4. Nothing but negative reports from my understanding. Stay clear.

  5. Ya same here.. And you do want to delete the name ASAP..



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