exogenous insulin use and insulin sensitivity ?

  1. exogenous insulin use and insulin sensitivity ?

    i was reading one of milos sarcev's posts , he brings up the point that , if ure using say 100-150 gms dextrose etc (high gi carbs ) post workout , ofcourse the body has to compensate for all that by producing a lot of endogenous insulin , now his idea is , in the presense of exogenous insulin(when injected) , ofcourse this endogenous production is absent , "can be ideal savior as it would shuttle glucose as it comes, never allowing BG level to go too high and save beta cells from over producing endogenous insulin…Action is very short and intense – basically it’s inn and out(he's referring to humalog)…and your body goes back to it’s normal physiological pattern . "
    he is also throwing in the idea that this would actually help prevent insulin insensitivity ( it might as its preventing the overworking of the pancreas) , now this is a very interesting idea , would really like to know what u all think of this , thanx .

  2. So, using exogenous slin according to Milos is a good idea? Is it only the humulog that he advocates? Most of us do not or cannot access humulog. Regardless, nice to see you here ray, come around more often. BTW, congrats on your new board.

  3. lol , i'm just a mod at that board bro , not my board , it belongs to william wallace . and yeah bro , its humalog he's talking about , to quote milos about this :
    "Action of Humalog is ideal in this event.
    Onset is 15 minutes upon intake, peak is within 45 and 75 minutes later, strong action start’s diminishing 2 hours after the intake and it’s completely out within 4 hours.
    Only true variable is curve after 2nd hour until the 4th (for some it drops dramatically fast and for some it is slow drop, which means that some insulin might linger in blood stream up until the 4th hour…).
    But, assuming that our blood glucose level is quite reduced during the training we should make sure to use adequate amount of fast GLUCOSE delivering carbohydrate source – shortly after injection (IMO – 15 minutes later).
    If we are using pure Glucose (dextrose) – we can expect that glucose would take only minutes (2-4) to get in the blood stream and it would peak within 40 minutes (almost identical to Humalog curve). So, my suggestion is to take HALF of the initial mix of ideal post workout nutrients (glucose/fast absorbing protein/creatine/glutamine…) 15 minutes later for the first time and than wait for 15-20 minutes and ingest another half!

    Shortly after (30-40 minutes later) I would suggest another low fat/high protein/complex carb meal – to take care of possible Humalog action post 2nd hour…"

    btw , dont see why u dont have access to humalog , a canadian website ships to usa without a need for prescription or any other problems , pm me if u want the website ( this is allowed ? lol ) .
    and yeah bro , do want to come around this board more often , just dont have the time to access internet as much as i'd like to . am not even posting as much on bbing.com now (which has got boring as **** ! but thats another matter lol )

  4. Funny, I read that at Milos' board. Didn't remember the bit about exogenous slin and insulin sensitivity. good post, hope others share their ideas.

  5. This doesn't sound so sound. As soon as your body sees BG going up it releases insulin, it doesn't matter if exogenous insulin is there or not. It is extremely hard to know when exogenous insulin will peak, those numbers are for the norm but for athletes it can be quite different. More than likely about three hours after you inject you will experience a low BG because your body took care of the rising BG level and now the exogenous is kicking in. Maybe I'm bias because I'm not for BB'ers using insulin. I just dont see it being that effective as for the risk involved. Just MHO.



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