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what is safe for me to be taking

  1. Question what is safe for me to be taking

    I'm an 18 year old guy and i am a wrestler. After this upcoming season is over im looking to gan about 20 pounds or so of muscle mass. Right now i'm about 6 ft tall and i weigh about 155lbs. I dont know much about prohormones but my friend tells me this is a good sight for info. So i'm looking for safe stuff that has little to no side effects. also if you could give me info on what this would cost and what type of cycle would be best i would apreicate it.

    Sir Anthony

  2. I'll be the first to jump on this to give our moderators some breathing room.

    In general people under the age of 21 should NOT take prohormones. If you do so you run the risk of seriously screwing up your hormonal balance for good. Search around on the boards, you'll see threads by guys who've done PH's at you're age and have really regretted it.

    My suggestion is that you spend the next couple of years researching diet, training and supplementation including prohormones. At your age with you're naturally high level of testosterone you should be able to make big gains IF you get your diet right.

  3. Thanks Bioman.. You have this well inhand it appears.

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