My Upcomming Cycle...Rare and beautiful

  1. My Upcomming Cycle...Rare and beautiful

    Week 1-4
    SD: 10/20/20/20

    Week 1-6
    Test Transdermal - 1g EW

    Week 1-5
    HCG 1000iu/ew

    Week 7-10

    Week 7-14
    either 25mg Revolt EOD in the morning or 10mg Winny every morning

    Week 15. Repeat

    Week 30. Repeat.

    Yes...a winny or revolt bridge

  2. Test Base Transdermal? What carrier are you using? I don't like the idea of being on AAS for 30 wks straight, unless your trying to go pro. Even with just 10 mg of winny /day your natty test will be taking a hit. Just doesn't seem very well planned. No offence meant, but I'm assuming you wanted input. By the way what did you mean by "rare" it looks like all your compounds are quite common.

  3. whatever floats ur boat....

  4. Oh i didn't notice the Super i being run for 4 weeks, have you ever run it for 4 weeks? Seems like the vast majority of users (including myself) noticed the gains were practically non-existent from week 2.5 on. Either way man, i hope you accomplish your goals

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