Poll: Do you train more, less, or the same amount when on a cycle?

Rest while on Prohormones/Steroids

  1. Rest while on Prohormones/Steroids

    While on a cycle of Prohormones or Steroids, do believe you should rest more, less, or the same?

    Another way of asking this is:

    Do you train more, less, or the same while on a cycle?

  2. always the same. The plan doesn't change, just the results usually.

  3. Get your regular proper rest you can up the intensity on the training
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by pembroke3355 View Post
    Get your regular proper rest you can up the intensity on the training
    That's what I do! I find it hard to not train.

  5. Everything you would do regulary off a cycle, you do while your on a cycle. Nothing changes except the gains.

  6. I get the same amount of rest, but increase my intensity while training. You grow while sleeping, not while training.
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  7. I'll be honest... I cut a rest day here and there. I always make sure there is adequate rest, but if I feel like I can hit the weights at 100%, I go for it. A weeks rest is great for when your body's working with what it's making, but on cycle you ve got many times stronger compounds working overtime. Just keep proper form, and keep your sleep and diet up and I think you ll be just fine.

  8. i usually dont get sore on cycle...which makes me get this tendency to feel like im not working hard enough, so i end up cutting to one rest day a week.


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