T1 final cycle question

  1. T1 final cycle question

    I'll be starting a cycle of T1 final and 1,4 Diol in 2 week. All will be taken at recommended dosages. T1 (1 squirt, 2x/day) 1,4 Diol (250mg/day) for 4-6 weeks. I would like to know if I could add a fat burner (UCP-1, Clenbutrx,or Tight) or should I wait until I finish the cycle and use it while doing my post cycle of nolv?

    Training-7yrs. on and off
    Workout-M,W,F weights T,Th,S cardio

    Anything you guys would like to add, please do so.. I will be posting updates once I start for all to see.

  2. Is anyone going to but in their 2 cents????

  3. How long are you going to be running this cycle? If you are only doing a 4 week cycle I would hold off on the 1,4 until you plan to do a 6 week cycle. It takes 4 weeks for the 1,4 to really kick in. Personally I would add a squirt a day of the T1 Final.

    If you are bulking I would hold off on all thermogenics except for pre workout for a little extra kick in the gym.

    If you are cutting than you could run an ECA during your cycle.

    What are your goals for this stack?

  4. thanks npursuit for replying. It will be a cutting cycle and I will be doing 6 weeks. Why would you add an extra squirt a day? I already did a bulking cycle using VPX products and had good results despite the price. Diet was alittle off due to traveling so BF% went to hell. I think after this cycle I will be trying the LMR products on a bulking cycle.
    What would you recommend during the off 6 weeks to keep dropping BF% and keep some of the gains?

  5. Personally if I was doing a cutting cycle I would go with T1 Pro. All of your gains will be lean. As far as why would I add another squirt a day, well from my view why not, but it's up to you. You probably won't see too much in terms of muscle gains if you are severly cutting. You can probably get away with upping your cals slightly during your cycle and still drop body fat.

    UCP-1 would probably be my choice for a post cycle fat loss product.

    Although you may want to look into Absolved from Avant. It's getting good reviews. I just picked up some myself. It can help you get rid of a couple of inches around your midsection and possibly even chest. I'm sure being male this is where you are holding most of your fat. Of course now that I think of it you may be able to run Absolved with your cycle but you should check with Par Dues the maker of it. Chemo may know as well.

  6. T-1 and a clean, lean diet rocks for cuts.


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