How much PH

  1. How much PH

    I want to make a transdermal with 10 Grams 1-Test and 6 Grams 4-AD. Would this be affective?

  2. You are pushing the limits of the transdermal with 16g in it. You will probably not be able to get it all into solution.. How long are you going to run it??? TTY
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  3. On the have a transdermal that has 10 grams 1-test and 6 grams 4-ad in a 240ml bottle its called LGP 1-T. Thats the most PH I've seen in one bottle thats why I wanted to ask about it. How did they put that much PH in a bottle and is it affective? If not then how much should I put in my homebrew to get the most out of it.

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