Phera-plex and Dyma stack(andros)

  1. Phera-plex and Dyma stack(andros)

    if i run phera-plex with dyma stack my libido stay normal??
    phera had kill my libido before.(DURING and after the cycle)

    i run mass Xtreme(phera clone) my gains are great (22pounds) but my side effects kill libido is destroyed!
    i run dymastack and my gains are midle (7pounds) but no side effects!

    please i need to run phera plex once again, help me!

    Dyma information:
    PH complex:
    1-androstenedione-3 beta, 17 beta diol 50mg
    4-androstenedione 175mg
    5androstenediol 75mg

    LH booster:
    tribullus 250mg
    acetyl-L-carnitine 250mg
    l-carnitine 100mg

    GH factors:
    l arginine pyroglutamate 2,5g
    l ornithine AKG 1,3g
    l-taurine 750mg
    colostrum(bovine) 250mg

    Anti-aromatase inhibitors:
    Crysin 250mg
    indole-30carbinol 150mg
    Kudzu extract 150mg

    DHT blockers:
    beta sitosterol 250mg
    Saw palmetto 200mg
    pygeum africanum hook 50mg

    thermogenic factors:
    ma huang(8% efedrine) 175mg
    guarana (22%cafeine) 681mg
    bitter orange extract (4% syneprine) 500mg
    coleus forskohii extract 50mg

    liver detox:
    lysophosphatidylcholine 100mg
    milk thistle 75mg

  2. someone??

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