may 31 2009

  1. may 31 2009

    so u gonna be ordering "goodies" before june 1st

    Im gettin PP

  2. What about May 31st 2009?. Huh?

  3. 2009? I think he actually meant 2008.

    I'm stocked to the point that I had to buy a mini-fridge for my garage to house the shipments that I just received.

  4. Got alot of phera, don't care to use the other 2...

  5. with p-plex only being 20 bucks it would be stupid not to. is that date final or what i havent heard anything else about it.

  6. Chances are there will be a ban, but as far as i know the legal issues will be sorted out in june. So the ban won't be "final" until they actually finish.


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