T-1 Pro or OH test

  1. T-1 Pro or OH test


    I am interested in more of cuts and strength than just plan size. I am around 18% BF and weight about 200. I want to get down in BF while putting on size and strength. which one would be better. I have taken 1-test with 1,4 andro and had good results(7g T-1 trans and 600 1,4 ando,per day) but, I do not want to put on any excess fat. Can any one help me

  2. LGP 1-T hydroxytest will provide leaner gains because the metabolite of hydroxytestosterone is hydroxyandrodione which is an antiaromatase. Does that make sense?


  3. Tnaks it does make since. But, would the other products give me to alot of unwanted fat?

  4. T1-pro gives amazingly lean results, but I believe (and will be able to comment on for sure later) that the OH-test will indeed, by itself, give leaner gains due to it having anti-aromatase properties, BUT I am unable to say for sure that it will give MORE lean gains when combining either with an anti-estrogen compound already, due to the t1pro having more 1-testosterone.

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