Currently 207 lbs, 6'3", 13% body fat.

Working out for 10 yrs, (first 7 very serious, moderate for 3.5 yrs and got back into it for the last 3-4 months (haven't missed a scheduled workout in that amount of time).

Only history I have is 2 separate cycles of T200 about 4 yrs ago and had positive results both times.

Long term goals are to just gain lean mass and hopefully maintain around a 10% body fat.

Currently, I plan to cut as I just found out I will be going to a lake house for 1 week at the beginning of august. I don't want to introduce too much to my body right now as I know I can still get modest natural gains and I want to respond well later in the fall when I will want to try and gain some mass.

Propadrol is what I was looking into. I think I would like to do roughly a 2 month pulse cycle dosing 3 times per week. What type of PCT would be recommended based on that time period?

As far as supplements go, I have been taking protein, vitamins and the occasional fish oil.

I just got green tea pills, glucosamine, and creatine, Anabolic pump, PSlin and ZMA and re-stocked on the fish oil, protein and vitamins.

I plan to take everything but the anabolic pump, pslin, and ZMA during the cycle so that I have something to take and hopefully respond well to after the cycle unless it is recommended that I take one of those during the cylcle. I thought the ZMA could possibly be used as part of the PCT?

But anyway, given my short and long term goals, any advice is welcome for the dosing cylcle, PCT and any other relative info you think of.