Real or Fake test e.. iranian

  1. Real or Fake test e.. iranian

    hey... 11 days into 1st cycle... test e w/dbol kickstart. I know this question has been beaten to death, but I really cant find any CLEAR answers.

    my test is from iran. here is a SIMILAR picture of what I have... I found it online. well, its almost the exact same, but mine is batch 5012. I have the black dot, and NO WHITE ring. The exp date is stamped, you can almost rub it off if u try real hard, everything else on the bottle is like painted on writing. Very crisp and clean.

    Some people say they changed to white dots... the black dots are now fake, some say you should have the white ring, and others say they took it off.

    Minetastes like an oil... maybe a castor type oil? when I put a drop in the toilet, it immediately disburses and almost covers the whole surface in with a metallic greenish type glare... hard to explain, you would have to see it.

    I know 10 days in I wouldnt be feeling it anyway, but Im also on dbol, 40mg/day, and I dont even feel that. Ive gained only 1-2lbs in 10 days. I do feel like Im getting a TAD stronger. But that could just me mental... maybe my supplier sells all fakes. But I swear my dbols look like all the real ones in pics. pink, hex's, crisp corners, 90% have the snake imprint, and some in the bag dont.

    it injects VERY smooth as well. And I need to use pliers to pop the top off because it wont break by hand, and I dont have an opener. I got no box with the amps...

    If anyone has any insight, Id appreciate it.

  2. new REAL ones have black dot and "Ab*******" the is in a bold font

    u may have old, may have fake....most old one have white dot though....theres no real way to tell unless u get them lab tested or run a cycle

    as for the dbol, is the surface smooth? press ur thumb on one, if it turns to powder its fake, if u cant break it or it crumbles in to chunks its real

  3. my dbols are real hard, impossible to break by hand... and my amps look just like in the picture. the ab word is just as bold as all the other writing. the only bold on the amp is the test e wording at the top.

    and... as for libido, seems to have gone down a little?!?!

  4. give it another week or 2, u may have real dbol and fake test

    shoot me a PM if u have more questions

  5. its in an amp.. amps are very very VERY rarely faked.

    i wouldnt worry.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by fcpcjc View Post
    its in an amp.. amps are very very VERY rarely faked.

    i wouldnt worry.

    HAHAHAHA, that was a joke right?


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