What's the New BDC T-GEL - 240ml from LG?

  1. What's the New BDC T-GEL - 240ml from LG?

    Seems the started sell it today?

  2. that just made me very happy.
    is it thick like last time or more liquid like? will it be easier to mix powders into than the old bdc t-gel? and does the new tgel contain the dmfo?

  3. How long will it keep??? I've got everything for my LGP cycle (the one with hydroxy-test) already, but I'd like to buy a couple of bottles of plain ol' t-gel if they will keep for 6 months or so. Anybody know?

  4. They should definetly keep for at least a year...

  5. I spoke to Eric about it on the phone.
    Its thick as hell. Mixing raws into it may be a little tricky but Im sure you girls can figure it out pretty easily. DMFO? dont think so. DMSO, no. DMFA, Yes. Like ruff said, it should keep for at least a year with no problems AS LONG AS STORAGE FOR IDEAL (dont store it in your car with temps around 125 degrees or in the steamy ass bathroom for to long.) Room Temp out of direct light should keep you covered for a good amount of time.

    And anyone who tries it let me know how it worked. Im hasitent to try it until someone else can let me know how they dissolved there raws in it.


  6. i thought they said the new formula was going to be less thick? hmm

  7. i thought it was going to be less thick also
    and the dmfO was a typo, we all make mistakes

  8. Yeah, well I hope Chemo will make it less thick. We started selling it at the request of others. Our friends at PowerNutrition were nie enough to spare a few bottles of it for now.



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