6oxo - Is this true?

  1. 6oxo - Is this true?

    I was told by several people that the best time to take 6oxo is before bedtime is this true? I read this in the Prohormone f&q....

    6oxo is an aromatize inhibitor sold by Ergopharm. It is the best over the counter anti-estrogen available for post cycle use.
    Week 1 600mg daily in two divided doses, morning and night
    Week 2-3 400mg daily
    Week 4 300mg daily

  2. Well it's recommended to take at night when estrogen levels are at their highest. Some people have split up the doses like you showed up above, but even Pat Arnold himself (the maker of 60X0) says he has no data to support taking it split up works better. I would take it all at night after your last meal.

  3. reply...

    Thanks for the advise.

  4. I actually had trouble sleeping when I took 6 pills before bed. I'm not sure if it was just a placebo effect or not. I switched to split doses, half in the morning & half at dinner with no sleep problems.
    I have found Nolva to be much more effective & a lot cheaper than 6-oxo.

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